August 2012

andy warhol limited edition campbell’s soup can labels

via designboom fifty years after andy warhol developed ’32 campbell’s soup cans’, campbell’s soup has decided to pay tribute his work by releasing a set of four limited edition series of cans which are labeled with colorful variations that mimic warhol’s famous pop-art style.

more updates on the humpty head…

in the past few days, thanks to my website, i’ve become the central hub for the giant humpty head re-homing campaign, if you will. and that’s cool, i’ve been a humpty-hump fan since 3rd grade when my buddy ramadan hazziez used to come to class with a boombox and a backpack full of D.U., P.E., [...]

this is silly.

this is silly. the usada was / is attempting to strip lance of his 7 Tour de France medals as Lance has chosen not to participate with, by my count, in his third arbitration hearing with the USADA. i support lance on this.

congrats to the ncsoft & arenanet teams

earlier, this year i was recruited to work on the Guild Wars 2 support website. this was my first foray into the online MMPORG gaming industry and I was very impressed by how active their user communities are both in-game on online. according to Amazon, the gaming community is very supportive as Guild Wars 2 [...]

Update: Giant Humpty Hump Head Needs a Home… and Can Be Yours!

Update: None other than Shock-G himself reached out to give me some more details on the Giant Humpty-Hump Head. He sent me this message to pass along and some additional info about the head, and would definitely appreciate the public’s help in preserving this piece of hip-hop history… Whoever grabs it up, please stay in touch, [...]

designing a logo? here’s some tips…

via designshack a strong brand has an enormous impact on the success of a company. imagine if ibm decided to use comic sans or curlz as their typeface, yes they would be a laughing stock, at least by the branding / identity nerds like myself.  actually it might not induce laughter, rather tears and a [...]


The year is 1986. Mike Tyson has just won his first title, the Chicago Bears are super bowl champs and unlikely rap-stars, and GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is about to burst onto the scene as the first ever all-female wrestling show on television.

the boombox project

Photojournalist and commercial photographer Lyle Owerko dissects the metaphor of the boombox and shows off his collection of rare, vintage pieces, the inspiration behind his book, The Boombox Project.

8 Pro Tips for Effective Prototyping

via R/GA Tech We’ve talked about how prototyping plays a part in our creative and development processes. Recently we’ve seen an uptick in interest among clients and momentum building, which is very exciting for us here at R/GA. With one of our major clients we’re now hearing the rallying cry internally, “Powerpoints don’t win customers!”. [...]

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