Wow, It has been a while….

I admit it. I’m not a blogger. I wanted to be. I’m just not. I love working on a million websites and keeping everything fresh and tidy and aesthetically amazeballs but I have to admit something… I’m not a blogger, which is why I just realized my own personal website, ie. the hub and showcase [...]

The average web page has nearly doubled in size since 2010.

via tameverts Rampant page bloat may not be news to many of us, but that doesn’t make new findings any less alarming. According to the HTTP Archive, the average top 1,000 web page is 1246 KB, compared to 828 KB in May 2012. This represents a 50% rate of growth in just one year. Last [...]

type designers pay homage to Bowie

via wallpaper Graphic designer Blam – of Print-process and Blanka – recently tapped 100 design luminaries to render Bowie’s name in a typeface of their choosing or creation. The results have been gathered onto a limited release print in anticipation of the impending ‘David Bowie is’ retrospective at the V&A, opening on 23 March. ‘The [...]

Desktop Notifications

Soon, I’ll migrate this blog over to my new site, TBA. The new blog will focus more on development, which will allow for this blog to be more general in nature, and hopefully even one day be a place for my photography. via smartjava Just a short article this time, since I’m kind of swamped [...]

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