Wow, It has been a while….

I admit it. I’m not a blogger. I wanted to be. I’m just not. I love working on a million websites and keeping everything fresh and tidy and aesthetically amazeballs but I have to admit something… I’m not a blogger, which is why I just realized my own personal website, ie. the hub and showcase [...]

Keep Austin Racist?

more than anything else, ignorance pisses me off. i don’t buy into the divisive partisan politics that so many mentally challenged individuals seem to engage in, however this grumpy old man and his overtly racist political statements take the cake for my soon to be created “big dummy” awards (the award will be a gold-plated [...]


that’s my word. because I’ve been so extremely busy working for my awesome super-duper ok maybe just better than most client projects so I haven’t had time to fix the obvious issues with this blog. and it bothers me too. but in the meantime, you can yell at me on twitter.

designing a logo? here’s some tips…

via designshack a strong brand has an enormous impact on the success of a company. imagine if ibm decided to use comic sans or curlz as their typeface, yes they would be a laughing stock, at least by the branding / identity nerds like myself.  actually it might not induce laughter, rather tears and a [...]

Back to WordPress…

Every once in a while, I get this crazy idea that I have the time to dedicate to creating a CMS that contains every one of my wish-list features.  Sadly, this idea needs to sit on the back burner for a bit longer when I have the time and perhaps some additional resources assisting me [...]

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